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Next Steps Coaching

Is your soon to be high school graduate uncertain about what they want to do next after high school? 

College, Trades, something else??? 

Has your young adult started college only to find that it is not the right fit? 

Are you struggling to help find the pieces for those next steps?... 

The truth is for most parents who want the best for their kids future, it can be challenging to be the guide to help your child make these decision. A coach is the answer for many! Tricia Dunn is a Certified Parent Coach and educator. She specializes in creating a unique learning experience for each student she works with. The NEXT STEPS after high school is no exception!!! 

This 8 week program is recommended for ages 16-23 years old. 

Designed for students who are looking for guidance in their future steps after high school. 

Students will discover what an ideal path based on their unique skill set and interests. We will go through an interactive process to not only prepare for the future, but take practical steps towards the next steps. 

Week 1: Discover interests and skills

Week 2: Determine mindset 

Week 3: Dive into college / career options

Week 4: Develop goal setting skills

Week 5: Detect action steps to take

Week 6: Draft a resume

Week 7: Depend on a support system 

Week 8: Discover keys to turning ideas into reality 

Max students: 10 

Register today to hold your spot! 


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