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The Seitz Scholarship 

Each year SunRaise Academy offers 2 scholarships to applicants that meet the criteria.

The Seitz Scholarship is named after our first recipients, Brandon and Amanda Seitz.  

Classmates say: "(Brandon)..I appreciated when you contributed to the projects when other people didn’t. I enjoyed your projects it shows that you have a good work ethic and that will be an asset for you in the future!" 

"(Amanda)…I've looked up to you in our classes. You have inspired me through your confidence in your work."

Teachers say: "Amanda is a model student, always striving to learn and grow. She maintained a positive attitude and dedication the her studies." Ms. Tori, Algebra 2/ Trig 

"Brandon has a passion for learning. He is a very tenacious and driven student." Ms. Tori, Algebra 2/ Trig

Criteria for The Seitz Scholarship 

Applicants must have:

  •  The desire to be a positive example in and out of the classroom.

  • The determination to do their best in and out of the classroom

  • The dedication to complete assignments.

**Applicants must apply yearly for each year consideration. Applications for the new school year will be open for submission when registration is available. 

Scholarship Decisions

  • This scholarship will be awarded on the last day of the current SunRaise/ACES school year. Recipients  will be emailed directly and an announcement will be made on social media and other public platforms. 

  • This scholarship will be decided by the Seitz Scholarship Committee: The amount awarded will be determined based on the applicant's submission form. (Tuition for the year, Tuition for the semester, other)

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