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Educational Coaching Packa​ge

  • Schedule a primary lesson day 

  • Meet up to 2x a week (sign up for the 2nd session at the beginning of the week or reserve your 2nd spot at the beginning of the month)

  • Friday: Study Skills/ Executive Functioning  group class bonus (optional: register at the beginning of the week)

  • Student can choose the subject/s they need to work on weekly

  • Homework help

  • All Classes are on zoom, OR in-person upon request

  • Limitless-mindset coaching  and Self-confidence skills included in each session 

  • Customized 

  • Bundle 3 months at a time and SAVE or pay monthly 

  • 1 monthly bonus session to be added any time during the month

Test Prep and Study Skills Prices

Weekly Home School lessons by the month

A total of 1  hour weekly for 4 weeks 

(includes homework assignments)

Sessions can be set up for 1 hr sessions once a week, or 30 minute sessions 2 times a week (virtually)

Bex Rizo

Bex is a Sophomore at Aurora University and has been a peer tutor and teacher's assistant for over 3 years. She is wonderful with all subjects K-12th. She specializes in Spanish and ELA content. 

Nichole Urbaniak

Ms. Nichole is an Illinois State University graduate with a Bachelors Degree in both Speech Pathology and Audiology. She carries a Masters Certification in Montessori Education and has taught students for over twenty years. Ms. Nichole focuses on using concrete materials to serve each child’s individual needs while encouraging growth and development socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. Ms. Nichole has a passion for helping students with all needs become more comfortable learners and experience those “ YES, I did it!” moments.

K-8th Weekly Tutoring Bundles

More Tutoring Options...

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