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Conversation Starter Cards

This is a high-quality deck of 18 cards. Illustrated by Daniel Rizo on one side and on the other side, guided conversation starters, questions and activities written by Tricia Dunn, Home Education Specialist and Parent coach. These cards are great for children to personalize their school experience, express confidently and proudly tell about how their school setting works for them and their family. Great as an educational tool or as a family game/ activity. These cards are a great way to communicate with your child about their feelings and encourage them to be an independent thinker and feeler. There are limitless ways to use this cards!!!

Ideal for elementary aged children - middle school and for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. 

Priceless benefits:



*Parent/ child connection

*Emotional awareness

*Self confidence

*Self awareness

*verbal and non verbal skills

*Encourages empathy for others

...and more!!!

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