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Blankets and Belly Buttons

Security for children going through their parents' separation.

Blankets and Belly Buttons provides security for your child in the midst of uncertainties. 

When Mom and Dad transition from one house to living in two different houses, lots of emotions arise. The child is often torn between feeling confused, sad, worried, or even mad as they go back and forth between to locations - not really feeling like they belong in either.

This book helps parents get on the same page and focus on the most important thing in a divorce - the well- being of the child. The parents may be "co- parenting" but both parents will always be 100% the child's parent.

Your child will  have more confidence, comfort and security with this sweet story of a little girl who discovers her blanket reminds her of her dad when she's not with him and her belly button helps her know her mom is always with her in her heart.

Daniel A. Rizo, Tricia Dunn's second oldest son, is a Senior in Sun Raise Academy Homeschool.

Blankets and Belly Buttons is a true story about a little girl who learns to have confidence, comfort and security in a time of uncertainty. 

This book is based on the co-parenting experience of Tricia Dunn as she helped her 6 young children cope with Mom and Dad living in two houses.

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