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Mommy Is My Teacher

She Teaches Me At Home

written by: Tricia D Dunn

Illustrated by: Daniel A Rizo

Teaching your child at home can be the beginning of a lifetime of Fun learning! 

This book is where a homeschool child can see their "normal" school setting. Whether you homeschool at home, online or outside the home, this book introduces the beautiful experience and bond between mom and child. 

MORE than a book!!! This children's book is also a homeschool tool to share with other families that are considering homeschooling or have concerns about homeschooling to help you homeschool with confidence! 

This book includes: 

A children's story about homeschooling 

A guided journal for your homeschool student to personalize their own school experience

Quotes from homeschool students and homeschool moms

A valuable tool for homeschool success

FREE resources for homeschoolers

Other useful homeschool websites

The story about the story!!!

Tricia Dunn has been homeschooling her 6 children since 2002.

"Every year, well meaning friends and acquaintances ask the same question

"Do you like your teacher this year?" 

To this, my children chuckle and say, "YES. My teacher is my mom!"

Every time my children read or saw a movie about school or classroom, it involved - buses, rows of desks, cafeteria lines and recess... And that way of school was unfamiliar and my children could not relate.  I wanted to create a story that my children and other homeschool children can see themselves in their "normal" setting...That is how this story book began!" - Tricia Dunn

The beautiful part about this book is that Daniel Rizo, the illustrator, is Tricia's second oldest son. He is a senior at Sun Raise Academy Homeschool and has been drawing professionally since 2012. 

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