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Education Option Session

Are you looking into homeschooling but not sure if it is right for you?

Are you concerned about the current school setting your child is in but you are not sure what is the best educational option for you and your family?

Are you worried that your child is "falling through the cracks", not thriving in school or being bullied? 

There are many reasons parents look into homeschooling and the decision can be overwhelming! This is not any easy choice and some families struggles for years... waiting for things to get better or for the situation to improve. Tricia Dunn Consulting offers a One - on - One, 3 hour consultation to discuss educational options and to discover if homeschooling is a right fit for you. We will talk about the pros and cons for your specific family needs and you will leave with direction and clarity. 

Education Organization Session

Are you ready to homeschool and you need help setting up your school? Do you want help organizing your grades and setting up classes? 

Tricia has been homeschooling her 6 kids and other students for over 15 years. When you work with Tricia Dunn Consulting you are gaining the wisdom and years of experience. From preschool to highschool, Tricia will share with you the tools she uses to organize your school year for a peaceful balance to your homeschool. You will leave this  one - on - one, 3 hour consultation with your year mapped out and a plan for you to follow for success! 

Both of these 3 hour sessions are available by phone or video call. When you schedule your session, you will fill out an form that will help us make the best of our time together! 

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